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Magnetic racks can be supplied to allow drop in installation into standard P1 and P2 bag filter baskets among other sizes. Racks can be provided to hold between one (1) and five (5) magnetic core tubes. These racks support the stick magnet and, due to the high magnetic strength, act to safely retain the magnet in the fluid stream. The racks also ensure separation between the disposable bag and core tubes allowing for an uninterrupted flow path.

Filter Solutions manufactures magnetic core tubes (or stick magnets) in various lengths and configurations. Core tube ends can be supplied with various connection details including lift handles, straight or tapered threads, magnetic base stands and others. We offer options for easy drop in installation into existing systems and vessels.

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 Magnetic Separators 

Filter Solutions uses magnets that have a flux

density (magnetic strength) of 12,000 gauss (compared to a

ordinary refrigerator magnet of 80 gauss). Magnets are arranged

in a non-ferrous tube to produce a large magnetic force resulting in a large magnetic gradient. The result is a magnetic assembly

that successfully collects and removes ferrous material from media streams in high collection volumes. We also offer ancillary products that work with our magnetic particle separators. Such as bags, magnetic holding racks internal and external replacement parts.  Contact us today for current stocked models and pricing.

Magnetic Sticks


Custom Designs

Filter Solutions excels at fabricating custom designs tailored to your specific application. We are able to accommodate any flow rate and capacity required by our customers.

All flow rates are based on clean water

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