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 Wedge Wire Products
Filter Solutions offers a full line of wedge products and sizes. Wedge wire can be ordered as raw material or fabricated to a finished product to suite your application requirements. 


All wedge wire products are available in
* 304SS * 316SS * 321SS * 347SS * DUPLEX SS * ALLOY 20 *          * C-276 * ALLOY B-3 * TITANIUM * MONEL 400 * and in micron ratings from 37µM-6730µM.


Wedge wire can be reversed formed, reverse wound, or ordered flat to meet a multitude of separation applications.

Wedge wire is commonly used in strainers, baskets, under-drain laterals and resin traps, or can be custom formed to meet application requirements. 


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Typical wire shapes and sizes

 Resin Traps

Filter Solutions offers a complete range of resin trap styles to suit virtually any application. 

Our resin traps provide a high percentage of open area minimizing pressure loss through the system. Resin traps can be designed to suit either new or existing strainer bodies and piping.


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Basket and Strainers

Filter Solutions offers a full line of baskets and strainers, as well as fully customized products to suite new or existing systems. Wedge wire offers a wide range of particle retention sizes with long service life potential.  


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Under-Drain Laterals

Filter Solutions fabricates under-drain lateral sets for sand filters, carbon filters, and ion exchange units.

Wedge wire screen laterals and pipe based laterals can be connected to distributor and drain headers by the following methods:
– standard NPT threaded connections
– flanged connections - fabricated or ANSI
– welded as one assembly

Laterals are available in all standard pipe and tube diameter.

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