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Skid Packages

Filter Solutions provides the industry experience and technical knowledge to turn your challenges into solutions. We can engineer from start to finish any production ready package to drop in-line on on-site for immediate processing.


As an organization that has many years in the industry, we can help clients from the engineering stage to create a fully intergratable system for any application. From completely automatic switch over's and shut offs to manually operated units, we can fabricate systems to meet our customers demands.

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Design Features

  • Skidded & piped complete units
  • Connected control panel
  • Integrated instrumentation such as sensors, actuated valves, DP Gauges, etc.
  • Valves, Vessels, Piping, Pumps, Tanks
  • Hazardous location compliance

Design Benefits

  • Portable design–  self-contained units built within frames, skid systems are easier to transport than traditional process systems.
  • Small footprint –  allows equipment layering. Piping, tanks, and ancillary process equipment can be fit into a smaller footprint within a skid design.
  • Localized process connections – process connections can be centralized into one spot on the skid, making connections easier.
  • Controlled assembly – skids are built in quality controlled environment on-site at Filter Solutions. Existing operations at process site are not affected by fabrication.